How to build a winning team in an innovative company?

Leading a company that needs to remain competitive in its current market, while also innovating to create new growth, can be tough.

The clash between current business operations and using resources for innovation can become a loose-loose situation.

What we did at one of our companies

Our client was developing a new product. An indoor farm capable of producing leafy greens in a controlled environment. While the existing business was to sell custom-made horticultural equipment to traditional greenhouse project developers.

The managers and engineers working on the projects were also heavily involved in the new product development. This caused serious problems in both the execution of engineering as well as in priorities in the management team. 

Through a series of leadership sessions, we helped the leaders to navigate through the critical trade-offs between developing their new product and managing their other products. As a result, they manage the current business separately from the vertical farms. And, governance is clear in the company and the management team.

Now the company can build on growing the existing customer base and generate new sources of growth from the new products.