What is the Power of Purpose

Working on purpose is a tremendous way to build great businesses. The integral approach leads to tangible, lasting and rewarding results for your people, customers and stakeholders.

Power of Purpose

We believe in the power of purpose. It not only defines our why, but it is at the core of what we do. It is what gives people the extra energy (power) to go for the long run. We aim to make an impact by growing companies that can tackle the world biggest problems in the areas of food, water and energy. This purpose is for our team, our companies, our clients and our suppliers.

Purpose Noun: an intention or aim; a reason for doing something or for allowing something to happen; the thing that something is supposed to achieve [American Dictionary; Oxford Dictionary]

The power of purpose is that this touches the areas where ratio and feelings meet – if these are congruent it is this symbiose where you can make your business stronger.

We have seen evidence that power of purpose works for companies in its broadest sense including the investors, brands, strategies, customers and talents

  • Lasting strategy
  • Aligned leadership and teams
  • Faster and better decisions
  • New clients
  • Building productive partnership
  • Ability to attract and keep talent
  • Innovation with more speed and power

In our company setting when we look at purpose we think at what it can mean for the company. What is the Impact? We have defined Impact as Purpose * Reach.

Contact us on how we we have defined impact and the case for purpose for your company

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