Impact rating: IMPACT = PURPOSE x REACH

What is in search of impact?

We are on the lookout for opportunities to make an impact. This will become an exciting journey of discovering people doing great stuff, in places and industries we have never heard of.

We will share our journey with everyone interested. So join us in our journey and follow our Linkedin page.

What do we mean with impact?

We made it simple: IMPACT = PURPOSE x REACH

Purpose is a very popular word in business. And for a good reason. As many people explained, it will help your company reach its goals. For us, Purpose should be able to answer one question, how does it help to improve the world? It’s that simple. Read more on the power of purpose

Reach can be translated into revenue or volume. If you want to grow a company, the one simple metric is revenue growth. Without it, it will be hard to survive for long.

If you want to improve the world you need to reach many of us. Starting with ‘the man in the mirror’ is just a start. You need to reach as many people as fast as you can.

The combination of both Purpose and Reach, defines IMPACT.

With in search of impact we are assessing solutions that do make an impact and we want to share this and are looking forward to a dialogue with you.