How to prevent the reporting trap (and overload your organization)

Avoiding the reporting trap starts with doing the materiality assessment right. Doing the first steps right will prevent a lot of work to be done in your organization. However a lot of companies are still trapped in the overload of reporting. Are you?

The jury of the Kristalprijs 2023 concluded that even the companies awarded the title of best annual report of 2023, could improve on the double materiality assessment. This shows that this step in ESG reporting deserves more attention from everyone driving the ESG reporting.

When companies fail to execute the double materiality assessment, it will result in an overload of items being considered material and a subsequent overload of the organization with reporting matters on all these items. This is called the reporting trap, everybody is running around to be able to report and too few resources are left to take action.

We enable organizations to do the double materiality assessment right. By following a clear process and doing rigid assessments of all the identified topics, quantifying them, and aligning the topics with both the strategy and the stakeholders of the company. Curious about our approach?