Why do we look at your key assets as an engine for new growth

When you look for new opportunities to grow your company, your key assets are often overlooked. While they could offer you a tremendous stepping stone for new growth. And reduce your need for investments in new growth.

What we did at one of our companies

Our client had grown to become one of the largest greenhouse suppliers in the sector. There was one problem, their growth came from one single customer. To decrease this dependency, they wanted to sell greenhouses to new customers.

But as in many B2B industries, creating new customers involved developing new relationships first. And of course, in a COVID world, traveling to new customers and fairs was out of the question.

However, because of the large volumes they had to ship to their large client, the company was able to purchase at significantly lower prices than their competitors and was able to process large volumes of supplies.

Now, these are key assets that you can use when you need to make a market entry! We developed a market approach by leveraging these key assets, enabling new growth with significantly lower investment needs and risks.